Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nobody loves us more than Dakota!

Dakota was sitting in a kennel at the shelter - she looked embarrassed to be there. But when I talked to her the tip of her tail wagged, but still she looked confused. We had decided to look for a dog to join our family so I visited the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County. The card on her kennel said that she had "nervous urination" and I wasn't sure that was something I wanted to deal with so I walked away.

The shelter staff called a couple of days later and asked us to come and take a look, they said she'd be a good family dog. My husband and I went to meet her without the kids first, we knew that if they met her and we decided she was not a good fit that they''d be heartbroken. But Dakota was a sweet girl and we decided to go through with the adoption.

She was four years old when she came home with us, the same age as our daughter. And like sisters they were both mischievous! Dakota liked to snatch something like a sock or toy off the floor and play keep away.

Dakota is 12 now. She has matured into a great lady. No one loves our family more than Dakota does. She is a constant companion to whoever is home. She's up until the last person goes to bed and is up as soon as someone else is up. She has never met a person that she didn't like.

And to think I almost passed her up!

Margaret Pray
New Berlin, WI

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