Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Ending to a Sad Beginning

"Dusty" had wandered onto the porch of neighborhood house still dragging the chain that was locked around his neck. No name or tags so the owner of the house brought him to the animal shelter where my mom volunteers. It is not uncommon in our economically depressed town for people to move and leave their pets abandoned. Dusty is about 7 years old, was malnourished. had mange, and tested positive for heart worm. His chances of being adopted were slim to none. At the shelter one day, he went over to my mother and put his paw on her as if to say, "don't give up on me". She fell in love with him and with a lot of help, hope, and love she convinced us he would make a wonderful addition to our home. Now he has a loving home with us. He followers her everywhere and they spend all day together. Months later he has gained weight, the heart worm is gone, and his mange is cured. He has adjusted to our house and we love him dearly.

Warren, OH

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