Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Mister was in a class all his own. I arrived at the local laundermat around 3pm. He was all-white with black-ears (about 2 mo). The attendant on duty said he had been there when she arrived that morning. Someone must have dumped him off. The location of the Laundromat was on the corner of 2 interchanging blvds, she was afraid to put him out when she closed up. I had been playing with him so she asked if I wanted to take him home. I thought, what am I going to do with a dog?! I live with my Mother-in-law & between us we have 7 cats! But how could I let that poor little puppy be put out and possibly get hit on the streets.

Soooo, I loaded him up and headed home. Ok, what to name him well, what do you call a man when you don't know his name? Mister! And that's what stuck. Mister loved all the cats immediately, even though they did not feel the same. He used the cat door till he was too big & got stuck. He was loved by all who met him. He loved things beginning with the letter "F": Fish, Flies & Fireworks. When he went fishing with us we had to keep him back from the end of the fishing poles because he thought the bait on the end was a fish & he was ready to eat. The 4th of July was his favorite holiday.

Mister lived with us till the end. He got severe arthritis and it hit him hard & fast. We cared for him as we would a child. He passed away at the age of 13 next to our bed. We will never forget him, as he is part of our family forever.

Hubert, NC

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