Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bella makes two!

We rescued our black lab mix 2 yrs ago and named her Riley. She has been the best dog we ever had. She is so sweet, loving, and we laugh at how she talks to us. In my attempts to find a playmate for Riley, we started fostering. Riley has been great with all the dogs we have fostered. One day I received an email about White Shep/Lab mix puppy that needed a foster. I brought her (Bella) home only to find she has trust issues. Because she is scared she tends to snap at people and other dogs. I worked with her over the next couple months trying to socialize her in hopes to find her a forever home. Bella was such a challenge but I was certain we could make her feel safe.

She loved my husband and our pup Riley so much that she would follow them everywhere. I came home one day certain I found the perfect home for Bella. But, my husband said "I want to adopt her I can't let her go." We decided with all her trust issues she would probably be dumped again. We decided we coudln't let that happen so we adopted her. Bella has come a long way but still needs work. For Bella I think whe knew she found her forever home, with us.

Wendy Fujita
Mertztown, PA

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