Monday, June 14, 2010

Winston gets a 2nd chance!

Winston was just 2 years old when we removed him from another place where he had been dumped by his previous owner, one of many. He was terribly underweight (not fed with regularity and then sometimes only with bread) and rarely, if ever walked. He suffered from severe depression for the first 18 months that we had him, until we believe that he understood that this would be his forever home. We now have a happy, VERY HEALTHY 10 year old Golden that has changed our lives. We can't imagine not ever having him.

He's a beautiful, funny, goofy, lovable pet.

Janice Gibson
Hillsburgh, ON, Canada


  1. Bob, just wanted to say thanks for the work you are doing posting these great love stories....And for the posts that put us into action....Keep up the good work. Susan

  2. My sister in law could certainly relate to your she has several dogs and each one has a sad story of their own, if they could only speak....If you would like to read about one couples small effort at animal rescue, check out. ...Thanks....