Friday, August 13, 2010

Frankenstein the sweetheart

Around Valentine's Day one of my boyfriend's customers at work told us about a Siberian Husky that was dropped off for grooming, he was never picked up and the original owners had gave the wrong information to the groomers. He went and took a look at him and said he had to come to our house at least until we can find him a good home.

He got along with our first husky Rocco (on the left) so we decided he will have a permanent home with us, my Valentine's Day gift. My boyfriend decided to name him Frankenstein or we like to call him Franky (on the right). He was afraid of loud noises and for everything he would drop to the floor with his tail between his legs and ears slicked back. All we did was show him love, regular walks and food. He turned out to be a great dog for us and a great buddy for Rocco. Who would leave such a sweetheart? He doesn't have to worry about being left anywhere now that he has a forever home with us.

El Paso, TX

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