Friday, August 6, 2010

Molly's Adventure

Molly's adventure began in Kosovo. She showed up on our flight line one day scared to death. Being the animal lover that me and my best friend are we decided to try to lure her in with yogurt, it worked. We built up Molly's trust enough to get close to her. She was scared to death and very hungry. We weren't allowed to keep her in our room (deployed soldiers are not allowed to have pets). So, we convinced the veterinarian here on post to help us. He spayed and microchipped Molly, and said he would help find her a home.

They found a home for Molly in a town about 20 minutes from where our base is, keep in mind this was in December. We accepted that Molly had found a good home and was safe. In April, one of the guys in our unit knocked on our door and said there was a dog outside. We were amazed that it was Molly. She had traveled over 20 miles to get back to us! It was then I knew that I was going to try to take her home. We found a temporary home for her at a United States Contractors house and then booked her a commercial ticket to the United States.

When she arrived in New York, an amazing organization called Pilots N Paws picked her up and ensured that she was taken care of. Through a series of stops the pilots flew Molly all the way to Kentucky. She is now with my parents waiting for me to get home from Kosovo, which will be this month.

Frankfort, KY

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