Friday, November 26, 2010

Two Lucky Pups

I volunteer with a canine rescue group in Carson City, Nevada. After our much beloved Ginger passed, our first poochie acquisition was the littlest Staffordshire Terrier, Sassi. She and two pups had been dumped in the desert and found by a shelter. She was then given to our group where the puppies were adopted out. She was a handful of energy and mischief, but she and we fell in love. A year later, Doc, our big Staffordshire, was found nearly starved to death (down to 35 lbs from 75 lbs now) and our group rescued him, plumped him up and we took him in as our foster boy. However, after three months, we couldn't part with him - he's such a sweet baby! They are now both our "kids" and we adore them and they adore each other. They are being properly spoiled and being properly trained and we are being properly entertained with their antics. We are a bit long in the tooth to have two energy balls like Sassi & Doc, but they keep us young.

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