Thursday, February 24, 2011

Best friends!

I'd like you to meet our dog, Harley Quinn (My husbands favorite comic book character), and our cat Simi (THE Simi it's a name from my favorite author).

Harley is a German Pincher. Someone must have paid a LOT of money for her. But we found her at the local shelter. What made me stop in front of her cage was the fact she was very thin, and very scared. She would not come up to the door. She just hung her head and sat in the middle of the pen. She would not react to our voices. She needed LOVE.

Every time you would reach to touch her she'd pull back thinking she was going to be struck. For the first year she would not even play. She had SEVERE separation issues too. All we could do was love her no matter what. A couple years in, she turned out to be the BEST dog anyone would want. She loves kids, she's clean, never has an accident, is a good guard dog. And she is the best cuddle buddy you know.

One of our older cats died (We really miss Kira), and I adopted Simi. She was most likely born in the shelter. She was scared of everything, she didn't know she could jump or climb like other cats. She'd spent her entire young life in that tiny cage. Harley stepped in and protected the new kitten. Simi slept on Harley & played with Harley. Now I have to take them to the vet each year TOGETHER. So Simi isn't too scared.


Who said dogs and cats don't mix?

Christine Hannigan
North Port, FL

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