Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Long Way From Unloved Backyard

Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta iGolden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta is the rescue we currently enjoy supporting.

Ray and I moved to GA in 2001 with our adopted Golden Rosie. In 2006, we lost her (at 13½) to hip cancer. After a few months of grieving, we were ready to open our hearts to another golden. Rosie spoiled us with the breed and we loved her all the more for it. We both agreed we’d rather skip the puppy stage. My internet search found GRRA. I read about the organization and we decided this was the route we were meant to take.

The first Adoption Day we went to had mostly labs and a few older goldens. Our hearts were set on a youngish golden, so we went back to watching the website. Memorial Day weekend, Joey came to check us out and we passed. He made himself at home that day. He was an owner turn in, used to being tied up outdoors and full of ticks when GRRA accepted him. His first pig ear was carried around for 2 weeks. Toys were new and more fun than just his tail

GRRA has a calendar contest every year for our “family”. Our calendar entry that year was one photo, and Joey made honorable mention for 2007. By the end of summer he had earned his CGC (AKC’s Canine Good Citizenship ranking)..and we moved onto agility.

Joey and I helped out at Pet-a-Palooza (A local Pet Fair) and the Romp (GRRA’s annual fund raiser). The picture I took of Joey, at Pet-a-Palooza donning Ray’s new baseball cap was Mr. September in the 2008 calendar. Perpetuating his charisma, studying an ant made the 2009 version and Joey was Mr. February. This is the picture shown

Debbie DuPont
Lilburn, GA

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