Sunday, May 29, 2011

Duke's Story

Duke is a Treeing Walker Hound. He got lost one night and he was turned into a county animal control. After three days at the pound, and no one showing up to claim him, time was running out. He was within one hour of either being put to sleep or sold to a medical testing research laboratory. We, the Paradise Animal Rescue Inc. were then contacted with Duke’s case by an organization and we made it our goal to save this dog from the drastic circumstances he was in.

When he arrived at PAR he was extremely frightened and had many severe medical conditions. After receiving immediate medical attention to all of his needs Duke started to show positive results almost immediately.

He has developed positive humane contact and is a favorite to all the staff. He has become very playful, full of energy and far less shy with all the people he knows. He loves to go for walks in all kinds of weather and with each walk he becomes happier with the status of his life. Everyone at PAR is still hoping that there will be that someone out there that will adopt Duke and provide him a loving home that he deserves so much!

Paradise Animal Rescue Inc. Volunteer
Columbiaville, MI


  1. Omg! This article is a suspense. I hate to see puppies or puppy or dog in his condition. Luckily, he is saved. :)

  2. Great story about a great family! Love to start my Saturday with a happy ending story.