Saturday, May 21, 2011

Second chances and a mission

Driving home from work I used to pass by a house and see a white pitbull in the backyard. One week I realized that no one was living in the house any longer, but the dog was still in the yard. Not really thinking ahead, I stopped and approached the fence and called out. Here she came, wagging her tail, from what looked like a tool shed. She seemed friendly enough, so I invited her to ride along with me and she hopped up into my truck and away we went. As I thought about what I would tell my wife and cats, I looked over at my new friend just in time to see a wet puppy come sliding out onto my seat! By the time I got home we had two puppies and no plan!

Panicked, I settled everyone down in the bathtub, and rushed back to the empty house just in case. Sure enough, in the shed were two more puppies. By the time my wife got home there were 6 pit bulls in the bathtub and cats waiting for an explanation! These days China can be found napping on the couch, cats curled up beside her and my wife? Well, she now co-ordinates the free spay/neuter program for pits and pit-mixes at our local humane society.

Kenneth Masters
Frankfort, KY


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