Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bella the Beautiful

When I picked Bella up off the street in the small Thai town where I lived she had almost no fur, bloody scabs on her ears and was desperately thin. I had just learned to ride a motorbike and intended to take her to the vet for an injection to treat mange. To my surprise she didn't run away. After all the neglect and mistreatment she still had enough trust to let me pick her up and ride off down the road with her under my arm. We somehow made our way safely to the vet but it was closed. I couldn't take her back and put her on the street so I took her home, gave her a bath, food and began treating her mange. That was 6 years ago and I can't imagine life without her. We still struggle with a chronic skin condition that often leaves her looking pretty bad but to me she's the most beautiful thing in the world. We both ignore the looks we get as we walk proudly down the street. She thinks she's special and so do I!

Kelle Rivers
Mae Sot, Thailand

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  1. Rosalee, my beloved tortoiseshell cat, born Oct. 1,1990,was plagued with skin problems for years, mostly mild, but in the fall of 2009 her condition became very serious. She would pull out great tufts of fur and skin. Occasionally we could track her by the blood trail on the floor. Of course we took her to our veterinarian spending hundreds of dollars for only brief relief. Finally we had to fit her with an Elizabethan collar to keep her from harming herself. She became worse as small scabs covered her body so we decided the kindest act would be to put her down. Rosie had inadvertently bitten me the day before and we found out that though she could be put down her head would have to be removed and sent to the county vet for a rabies test costing $90.00. We brought her home for the required 10 days. She did not seem to get better though she got no worse and we just kept caring for her in our feeble way.
    The beginning of August 2010, I mentioned Rosie's condition to my friend Sandy and she suggested silver solution. I knew it was a trace mineral but did not realize its healing properties. After Googling it, I was astounded at the reviews, ordered three bottles and began giving Rosie 1 squirt a day in her mouth. Within 15 days her skin was completely free of scabs (hasn't been like that for almost 10 years); her fur is thick and shiny and she no long has to wear the collar that has been her attire for over 10 months. She even had fur on her tummy which she never had before. She could pass for 12 years old, no problem!
    She lived to be 20 1/2 and passed peacefully in her sleep. I wish I had known about silver sooner but perhaps it will help your beautiful Bella, Laura-Jean Streator, IL USA