Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Fab Four-"The Gang"

I lost three dogs within 9 months (one every 3 months). They were all 15 years old. I wasn't ready for another pet. A patient's daughter brought me Zoey(red Chiweenie) and she opened my heart again. She is now a therapy dog. Then we found Maddie (white one with brown spot on her forehead) at the Humane Society adoption drive. She was the only dog left and they were packing up to leave. She had been HORRIBLY abused (shot, teeth knocked out, ear mites, severe respiratory infection) and was about 18 months old...she only weighed 3 1/2 pounds...it took me 18 months to potty train her. She didn't even learn to run or play with a toy until she was 2.

After going to the kill shelter again to adopt a rabbit, we found Raider (black Dachshund-full blood). He had tapeworms and had never been held. He is my "little man" and is such a gentleman. Lastly we were blessed with Peanut (white one with a crooked ear)...he was 4 months old when he came to us and we were the third family for him. He is still a work in progress, but he's such a lover. To those that threw these babies away, I thank God everyday. They are my "children" and truely a blessing. For those that abused them...there is only TODAY and THE DAY. I know where we all will be, I pray for you. Our home is filled with love including 4 small dogs, 1 large dog (Roo-18 year old "throw away"), 1 cockatiel (Elvis), 1 rabbit (SweetPea), a momma (Candy), a daddy(Jason) and a wonderful Nana (Diane). God Bless. Candy and The Gang!!!
Amarillo, TX


  1. That is wonderful that you had the strength to adopt again after losing your 3 fifteen yr old dogs! I know what it's like to adopt a shelter dog ... when Daisy came into my life last May she did not know how to walk, she was (and still is) afraid of the sound of the hammer, cars in idle, etc. I don't know her entire history to help explain the reasoning behind her fears but she's come a long way since last May....

  2. What a wonderful group of people and creatures you all are. I cried while reading this, to think of all that love under one roof. Thank you for reminding us what is important in this world and that it takes so little to save a beautiful creature. Just the desire to love.