Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friends from death row

Bronx, then 18 months old, was on the euth list for Denton county in Jan 09 when a volunteer posted his story to a local pet rescue list. I'd always wanted a rottweiler, and I wanted a dog that was good with cats, so I took one of my cats in a carrier to visit with him. He sniffed the carrier and went to see what the dogs were doing. He was already 18 months old, so we had many adventures in the first few months, but he has done well. My grandchildren determined I needed a kitten, my cats were too old, in October 2009. So we went to the Fort Worth pound on half price kitten day. Which does mean 2 for the price of one if you have small children with you. Alex adopted Bronx shortly after he arrived, he shares Bronx's food and his nap space on the love seat.

Fort Worth, TX

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