Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rescuing Mojo

Five years ago, I rescued MoJo from the min-pin rescue. I had to drive 4 hours to the foster home to see if they approved of me. They had 6 min-pin there where fostering & 3 of there own. They let them out of the cages to come to the living room, They where all barking like crazy & jumping around. My friend said your not going to take one of these dogs are you?

I was sitting on the sofa & one dog came up & kissed me on the cheek & jumped back down. His name was Jo-Jo. He had been abandoned by a retired priest, The priest also abandoned his dying wife in Hospice. JoJo was her dog. He had sit in a church basement in a crate for six month in his urine & feces. barely getting feed by a church elder. Finally the elder brought him to the Min-Pin rescue. They said he looked like elephant man when they brought him in. all kind of skin problems,bacteria problems. He also had allergies I found out later. MoJo is JoJo, I changed his name. He bite someone & I called the Min-Pin rescue & they said to bring him back if I wanted to. I said no, I'm not going to bring him back. I am going to work with him I promised him he would never be abandoned again & I meant it.

Min-Pin Rescue said that you would be suprise at how many get brought back.  We went to obedience school & we trained his commands in German. He graduated form the Misty Wood Shephard obedience school.  The trainer praised MoJo on his stance and how he sits so proud for a small dog.  MoJo's nickname is Killer.

Ft. Pierce, FL

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