Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sirius and Sandy

We got Sirius Black as a 5-month-old puppy. My dad found him on the side of a road in Arkansas and kept him for my son. We had no fence, so Sirius was inside or at doggy daycare. When we moved, we knew he would need company in our fenced yard or he would go find some.

The doggy daycare, Funnybones in Atlanta, was fostering Sandy. They had found her running across their parking lot, dragging a rope, with her collar dug into her neck. She was skin and bones. They took care of her for a couple of months before sending out an email seeking a home for her. I asked whether Sandy and Sirius got along. "Oh, yes," I was told. "They play together all the time. Sandy will wrestle as long as Sirius wants to." So she came to our new home with us when we moved.

It took Sirius a while to get used to sharing his family. It took Sandy a lot longer to stop eating everything in sight, including frogs. Now, as you can see, they are best friends.

Tifton, GA

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  1. It's great that you decided to keep Sirius, especially because he is black, and black dogs have a statistically lower adoption rate than dogs of any other color. I didn't know this until I published a book on Labs, and this "black dog syndrome" was brought to my attention. Dim shelter lighting and silly superstition have been pegged as the culprits (this goes for black cats, too, of course). Moral of the story? If you find a black animal wandering the streets, do what Carrie did and keep it! :)