Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The dog from Main St.

Her name is Ginger now. One month ago she was bouncing between lanes of a busy street in Springfield Or. Trucks honking at her and car's squealing brakes. This is what she did everyday for months. I can't believe she hadn't been hit. The day I saw her I almost hit her. Amidst angry motorists I made it off the street. I tried coaxing her to me but she ran off. I checked the local business and they didn't know where she came from. Animal Control and Police had given up.

She wasn't skinny as so many lonely dogs and cats are, she was a heavy weight. It seems that the local business's were leaving delightful food items out for her. A kind lady tried coaxing her into the building, but she was street wise, so to speak.

I got a live animal trap and set it out with a pile of burger and meatballs. The next day the call came, "She's in the trap!" I got her and the trap into my garage and covered it with a blanket. It took this scared lady 3 days to finally inch her way out to eat and urinate. I have had luck with dog whisper techniques so when she finally came out we kept on going...right on into the house and into our established pack. She became Ginger and from then on she has bonded to my other 2 rescues, Buddy, an unwanted lop eared Border Collie and a sweet Border Collie, Elle.

Thanks to them Ginger was able to learn basic commands. Ginger made it off of Main St. and into my heart. It's time for her to move on to her forever home. She is listed on Petfinder and she will be a wonderful addition to a lucky family.

Robyn Broadbent
Springfield, OR

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