Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Etiquette for Dogs - What's Proper? What's Not?

You hear the word "etiquette" all the time. You know it means the proper way to do things socially. I had to look it up on just for the heck of it. Their definition reads: "Etiquette is the code that governs the expectations of social behavior, the conventional norm. Etiquette usually reflects formulas of conduct in which society and tradition have invested."

But what about DOG etiquette? What is proper or expected? What is considered "socially acceptable" for dogs? For example, is it better to leave your dog at home? How do you prepare for a visit? What are tips to deal with the ride? If you are taking a pet with you, what do you do when you arrive?

I have a great article that will help answer those questions and help you to prepare your dog for the holidays! For some great tips, go to: Dog Etiquette for the Holidays

Dr. Jon

The above was reprinted without permission but with the hope I don't get sued from Dr. Jon's Dog Crazy Newsletter.

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