Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Roscoe's Story

Roscoe, a large muscular pit bull, was brought to the Clatsop County Oregon Animal Shelter from the Oregon Humane Society in Portland. Although Roscoe was a favorite of the OHS staff, he was not getting adopted and they didn't want to euthanize him. OHS sent Roscoe to our shelter with all of his toys, which he kept in perfect condition -- not a chewed-up one in the bunch. He would sit in his kennel surrounded by his toys.

And sit he did -- for months on end. He arrived at the shelter in January 2009 and was finally adopted in May. Because he was much loved by the shelter staff and volunteers, the day he left the shelter was a very happy one for everybody and there were pictures and maybe a few tears. But the happiness was short-lived and he was returned a few months later because he played too hard with children and had some food issues with the other dog in the household.

So Roscoe again sat in his kennel surrounded by his toys and getting more depressed every day. Then, a young woman who had just moved to town and purchased a home decided she needed a critter to keep her company. She played with several of the dogs, but was drawn to Roscoe, who was in front with the office staff for the day. Two weeks later she took Roscoe home.

Roscoe now his has own bed, toys, and fenced yard plus a human friend who loves him very much. Good things come to those who wait. Roscoe is one of the lucky ones who, without the kindness and patience of staff and volunteers at two shelters, would have become an unhappy statistic.

Marcy Dunning
Astoria, OR

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  1. What a great story at this time of year....Wonderful people doing wonderful things out of love. Thanks to all who gave Roscoe a second, third, and fourth chance to bring the love he had stored.