Friday, December 18, 2009

Rescue me, rescue you

This is Baby-Girl. She was a birthday present to me when she was 3 mos. old. Some dear friends who had too many pit bulls already needed this sweet girl gone because their dogs wouldn't take another female in the house. She had come from California, by way of an over the fence rescue: They swiped her from a yard where she was tethered to a big chain in the sun, with no water, food or shade. The alternative was a shelter.

She became road-buddy to me, as we made our way across the US by way of my thumb in the air. We've lived on ranches, (where she picked up the art of cattle dog), in tents, cars, and fancy homes. She is coyote killer, rabbit hunter, listener and friend. She is dancer with horses, momma with baby animals, and goofball with her friends. She is what Dog was meant to be.

She just turned 10 this year, and though her joints slow her down a bit, that pitty smile is always waiting for me when I get home. I settled down, got married, and am raising my daughter with this wonderful creature always wanting a space on the couch. I tear up just to think of all the adventures and miles this dog and I have shared. It's nice to know she can retire in comfort, like an old dog should.

Rose Coffman
Lakewood, CO

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post (originally seen as an excerpt on the Animal Rescue site) by Rose Coffman. I like her style of writing and I would love to read more about her adventures with Baby-Girl. (I lovingly called my first dog Baby-Girl as well!).
    -Tracy B.