Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mill Dog Manifesto: Help is on the way!

Maybe you've heard the term "puppy mill" but you're not really sure what it is. Or maybe you've adopted an ex-puppy mill breeding dog and are struggling to get to know him/her. Either way, the "Mill Dog Manifesto" will open your eyes and your heart to the plight of dogs who have fallen victim to human greed. This eBook is available for you to download FREE! Please read it, reread it, and share it with your friends.

From The Savannah Pets Examiner's Pet Pages: "This is a FREE e-book on puppy mill dogs. What they are, what they go through, what to expect if you adopt one and just how to be a better pet parent with this knowledge. I have personally read this book and found it very interesting and very easy to read. Other things I have read give a lot of technical terms, and information that really is not relavant to the common person, this book does not do that. It is as if Kyla is talking to you and explaining to you from the heart and providing you with her personal experiences with her puppy mill dog. It really is a great book to read and share. I hope you enjoy it." -Dena Stapleton

"I really like the eBook. It is full of great information in one place. Sadly it details puppy mills, but education is so important in stopping the cycle." -Jan, Love a Golden Rescue

"I love the unique, very personal voice in which the Mill Dog Manifesto is written. It immediately engages the reader. The facts about puppy mills and the dog breeding industry are tough to digest but obviously it’s necessary to share them." -Michele Wallach, Dog Lover and Professional Writer

Included in the Mill Dog Manifesto:

• Introduction

• What is a puppy mill?

o A brief comparison of puppy mills and responsible breeders

o What are the most common puppy mill breeds?

o How are puppy mills and pet stores related?

o How to politely deflect the “puppy in the window” syndrome

o Other issues related to careless breeding

o What happens to puppy mill dogs who can no longer breed?

o How is this legal?

o What can I do to help strengthen legislation against unscrupulous breeders?

• If I want a dog from a breeder, how do I find a reputable one?

o In researching a breeder, take the following steps

• What is dog rescue?

o If I want to adopt, how do I get in touch with a rescue?

o Why would I adopt a distressed dog instead of a shiny, new one?

o What’s the deal with adopting old dogs?

o How can I help rescue?

• I just adopted a distressed dog… Help!

o A Slow Introduction

o A Disciplinary Squirt

o Anxiety Disorders

o Separation Anxiety

o Crate Training

o Getting to know you

o Unreasonable Fears (of humans, other dogs, children, etc.)

o Thresholds

o Stairs

o Potty Training

o Poop Eating

o Walking on a leash

o Leash Aggression

o A final word on training

• More Resources

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Mill Dog Manifesto FREE eBook

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