Thursday, March 18, 2010

The ones that captured my heart!

On the left is Charlie, that I adopted from my local SPCA. When I went to "check him out" at the shelter he ran along side the fence wanting to play with the other dogs and when I called out his name (Spence at the time) he ran and jumped into my lap. I knew he was the one for me. He was sick when I got him and very skinny. The SPCA provided me a free vet visit and we got Charlie well and he's nice and healthy!

A family friend found Lily, on the right, in the streets, looking as though she just had puppies. After no one claimed her and waiting for what seemed like forever, I adopted her and she became exactly what Charlie and I needed. He got a new friend and I got an absolute doll, who loves to sleep in my lap when I study and make sure I wake up in the mornings. They are both so precious to me and really show unconditional love.

Audrey Schnitzius
Dallas, TX

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