Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Unexpected Husky

This is Cherry, a puppy that came into our lives by accident this summer. My wife and I were driving deep in the heart of the Cherokee National Forest when we spotted a "coyote" in the weeds. We slowed for a better look and only when we were closer did we realize the coyote was actually a puppy. We stopped to see what she was doing, miles from the nearest house, and she approached us. She was skinny as could be, and very timid. As we talked with her another Husky puppy came out of the woods and timidly approached us.

The second puppy was just as skinny but black in color and not as comfortable coming close to us. As we pet and talked to the two emaciated and sickly looking puppies a third came from the woods, even skinnier and in obviously worse health than the other two. This one, a red Husky, lay on her side at the feet of my wife and was obviously the sickliest of the three. Her breathing was labored and her eyes were cloudy, on the verge of death from malnourishment.

After giving the puppies some water we loaded all three into the car and drove back toward civilization to see if we could find homes for these precious little girls. All three puppies were dehydrated, infested with fleas and worms and all three had severe coccidia, but they were successfully nursed back to health. The Veterinarian later informed us that the red puppy was within days, if not hours, of death from malnourishment.

The black and red puppies went to a local Husky rescue but Cherry stayed with us and we love her. I've since been in touch with the Husky rescue and they have found homes for the other two.

Joe Pollick, Kingsport, TN

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