Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bello from Brazil

We adopted Bello before meeting him. He was found by a caring person on the streets of Brazil, desperately but unsuccefully trying to eat a piece of meat tossed to him. He was taken to a Vet and they understood the problem. Someone cut off his tongue and left him on the street to fend for himself. His mouth was getting septic and he was going to dye soon, if not treated. The email headline asking for help stated "Dog with tongue cut off" and I knew I could not leave him behind. Luckly for him, the Vet agreed to take care of him, and he recovered enough to make his trip back from Brazil to the US.

Bello continued to recover here, put some weight back on and developed a gorgeous, silky coat. He is the sweetest dog I've ever met. He cannot get enough loving (or cookies) and insists on being REALLY close to me -on my feet, leaning his head on my legs, or just laying on top of me. He is funny and full of personality and everyday teaches us something about kindness, forgiveness and strength. Bello is the light of our lives.

Ines Castro
Silver Spring, MD

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