Monday, January 4, 2010

Smoke - living the high life!

From the mean streets of NYC to a leafy Connecticut town, one dog’s journey is a truly happy tale of pooch victim turned beloved family member. In the spring of 2008, the ASPCA received an anonymous tip from a caller who had seen several neglected dogs in Staten Island, NY. When our Humane Law Enforcement Agents investigated the report, they made a terrible discovery—dogs left for days in outdoor crates without food and water. The dogs’ temporary caretaker voluntarily relinquished one of the dogs—whose rightful owner had recently been incarcerated—to the ASPCA. The young Pit Bull, whom the ASPCA named Smoke, was malnourished and suffering from a neck wound.

The energetic pooch initially had a tough time putting his troubled past behind him, but after more than a year of rest, relaxation and compassionate care, Smoke emerged as one of the most popular and active dogs in our shelter. A true champ, he was a workout king who loved to chase tennis balls and run around with volunteers. Deemed a “charmer” by ASPCA Manager of Shelter Behavior and Training Victoria Wells, it was no surprise that potential adopter Camille Fleetwood of New Milford, CT, saw something special in Smoke’s soulful gaze.

“I had originally seen Smoke on the ASPCA website in early August and thought he looked sad in his picture,” says Camille. She was intrigued, and eventually made the trip to the ASPCA in Manhattan to meet the dog. One seamless adoption later, Smoke is happily nestled in his fabulous New England life.

“Smoke has settled in nicely,” Camille reports. “He still gets spooked occasionally, but he’s adapted very well and is comfortable in his new surroundings. He has met a lot of our neighbors and seems to be a real people dog!”

Thanks to the kindness of his new family, Smoke finally feels secure enough to relax and let down his furry guard. Camille says: “He loves to roll on his back and have his tummy rubbed! He also loves to cuddle and sprawl with his back legs behind him. He sleeps with me on the bed and pulls the covers over himself with his mouth!”

She adds: “Smoke means the world to us, and we are so glad to have him. We feel blessed to have such a magnificent dog and so happy that we were able to give him a good, loving home.”

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