Monday, January 11, 2010

Harley comes home

A dog came trotting out of the woods next to where I park my car. I hadn't taken the food out of the car. The dog just looked at me. How did he know I had food? I put food down on the ground and when I went away, he ate it up. He was very malnourished and looked like he had been in a dog fight. After work I came out to my car and looked over my shoulder and here he was coming out of the woods again. I put some food on the ground, sat next to it with my back to him. When he started to eat, I talked to him, told him what a good home I'd give him. I squatted down and he let me pet him after about 1/2 hr. I asked him if he wanted to come with me, patted on the back seat and said, "Come on".

He put his paws up and I lifted his back end into the car. I talked to him the whole way home, it was dark by now. I turned on the inside car light so he wouldn't be scared and discussed what I would name him. I decided on Harley. He sat perfect in the car (he's done it before I could tell). When we got home, I walked him around the perimeter of the yard, coached him through the dog door 3 times till he got the hang of it. I let him sleep in his big 12 x 24 laundry room with the door closed and a night light on. He didn't make a peep, he didn't go potty in the house and he's been my best buddy ever since.

Laura Novak
Rutherfordton, NC

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