Friday, June 5, 2009

BB Adopts a Family

BB's New Life

My new addition's name is BB. She picked me just a year ago this month. I found her on the PetFinder website (Pet Finders). There were 3 Frenchies to choose from. We drove two and a half hours from Columbus, Ohio to Toledo, Ohio on a Saturday afternoon. We when arrived they took us into a very small room and brought in the two remaining Frenchies. As soon as I sat down, BB sat right next to me and never moved.

That is why I say she picked me. She had been rescued from a breeder. She was a year and a half old and already had 2 litters of pups. The breeder didn't want her anymore because all of the puppies died so she wasn't being productive. She is missing 2 pads on one of her back feet and 1 pad on the other. My vet says this was probably caused from being kept in a cage with no bottom. She also has a bum ear which was caused by a severe infection that went untreated. The first few months were very difficult. She had never been out of a cage so she didn't know what anything was; such as, grass, doors, etc. She is now a permanent part of our family and I don't know what we did before she came to us.

She loves her big brother Bumper and her human kids as well. She is so sweet and loving. I don't know how anyone could have abused or neglected her. She has lots of little quirks but they are all part of the sweetness that is BB. Everyone who has a loving home to offer should adopt/rescue. The rewards are endless and so are the puppy kisses.

Julie Walker
Johnstown, OH

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