Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sammy the "Fox Terrorist"

This is our Sammy. We think he's part fox terrier (my husband calls him a "fox terrorist") and part whippet. We found him on Petfinder.com after the death of my beloved Butch on my 40th birthday. Sammy had been found in Madera County, wandering the street with his sister at age five months. Now he is so happy to live with us on Naples Island. He sleeps in our bed, loves to play ball and he even gets to have his girlfriend come over to play.

He takes walks on Second Street, goes to the dog beach, and rides in the car. He has brought us a lot of joy. He has four cat friends at home and now we wish we would have gotten his sister too, when we got him. I want to urge everyone to spay and neuter all of your animals, never, ever buy from a breeder of any kind, or from a pet store. Only adopt. There are too many animals that need us. We cannot support people who make the problem worse.

Sunny L.
Long Beach, CA

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