Saturday, June 13, 2009

Companion Extraordinaire

Tammy was rescued as a 5-year old shiatsu/Maltese X from the Hawkesbury Pound (Windsor NSW) in 2002. She had been horribly abused as a pup and the workers at the pound warned us that she probably would never be 'whole'. For the first 2 weeks she was with us, she never appeared from under the bed.

Nevertheless we decided to love and spoil her so much that her many fears -- walking through doors, people wearing dark long trousers, eating in front of people, going outside to do her 'business', severe separation anxiety -- would disappear. They didn't. However, she has a sense of loyalty to those that love her that is extraordinary.

As we are a working family, we took her to stay with the matriarch of the family, Magdalena, during the day and she became a devoted companion. She particularly showed a knack for giving her doggie love to the elderly at the Chesalon nursing home in Richmond NSW -- and the nursing staff - and so even though her number one love is no longer with us, we still take her to visit the elderly who are confined to homes. She is an excellent watchdog, never chases our chickens and is wonderful with the younger members of the family.
We will never regret that Tammy has become part of our lives.

Elizabeth K Turner
North Richmond, Australia

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