Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another strong advocate of adopting rescue dogs

Tia is 3lbs & 4 ounces in weight but has a heart that is immeasurable, she is a true joy and I love her to death. I have an older Chihuahua named Loco who is 14 years old and he has accepted her and has been a big help in training her to go out the doggy door to do her business. I do not have two legged children but four legged so I'm one of those people who spoil the dogs and turn them into totally pampered pooches. Tia has had no problem taking on the pampered role and loves being the center of attention (I've created a monster).

I'm so glad I was watching the news the day Teresa was on and they showed how she goes to Missouri and rescues the dogs. When I saw those cute little Chihuahuas I just had to help and this was the best thing I have done in a long time. Even though this is not for everyone because it takes dedicated time and the right environment for the animals, but for people like me who can do it, I highly recommend it.

I have paid as much as $800 for a Chihuahua at pet stores in the past and I will never ever do that again, and I tell everyone I know to always consider adopting first. I received the letter from Teresa explaining the situation the organization is in with the kennel going up for sale and I for one will consider it a pleasure to be one of the 500 to donate $100. I just recently sent the organization $100 donation to use toward their expenses but I will send another $100 for the fund to purchase the facilities for the dogs care.I have attached some pictures of my Tia and her new older brother Loco. Keep up the wonderful work!!!!!

Courtesy of National Mill Dog Rescue

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