Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Thank you so much for the opportunity to bring the new little man into our home. We have decided to call him "Jack", and we had a fabulous first day. As you are aware, he is very smart, and needs only minimal prompting to get something figured out. He spent his first day running an errand with us, exploring his new yard, then he had a leisurely evening snuggling with the teenagers while they played monopoly.

At bedtime, he opted for a nice spot under our bed, instead of the little bed we bought for him, and seemed quite content. I didn't hear a peep out of him, and I didn't notice any accidents. He seemed to just be part of the morning parade, when all the dogs went out first thing to do their business. I switched him over to the puppy version of the food that we feed; and he LOVES it.

Jack had a fabulous weekend up in the mountains. He loves his mountain home, and we enjoyed some raucous games of flinging toys down the long wood floor hallway, and watching him run as fast as he could to capture them. He is learning so much. He responds 85-90% to "come" with a hand signal; and 60-70% to "sit". He even got to go on an excursion to Vail, where he started out very stubbornly refusing to walk on his leash, and then by the end of the evening, he was the hit of the town. He learned very quickly to walk with the leash and attracted all sorts of young ladies. He is definitely a chick magnate. We had to laugh about that. Jack loved sitting at the end of my bed watching the hummingbirds in the window, and he got a real kick out of hunting for chipmunks.

He enjoyed some long walks in the woods with his big brothers. And would lay on the deck overlooking his new kingdom. He is slowly figuring out the dog doors, and has lessened in his desire to chase the cats. He is relatively quiet, and only barks when he needs to tell you something.... unless you are vacuuming... that makes him crazy. We will need to work on that. I have been very impressed at how quickly Jack adapts to any situation. He is remarkable. Please thank Theresa for rescuing Jack, and all the other doggies. We are totally in love with him, and he fits nicely with our family. You all do a wonderful thing for these little fur people, and I am so glad that I have had an opportunity to be part of rescuing one of these tender souls. I am in total admiration of everything that you all do.

Courtesy of National Mill Dog Rescue

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