Monday, August 3, 2009

Share a "Tail"

Let's honor your wonderful adopted dogs by featuring their stories in a book! We have many breed-specific and region-specific books in the works, so regardless of your dog's breed, we want to hear about them!

You can submit information for one of several sections in our books. Longer stories (600-1200 words, please!) will be considered for features. Shorter stories, preferably no more than a paragraph in length, will be considered for our "Even Shorter Stories" section. This section either tell a funny or heartwarming anecdote about your dog, or describe a challenge you had with your dog and how you overcame it.

We are also open to poems, recipes and of course, great photos!It is not necessary that your dog came from a rescue group. The only stories we will not consider are those about dogs who were bought from a breeder or pet store. (Note: We have nothing against responsible private breeders - in fact we hope for a day when they are the only ones breeding dogs - their dogs are just not appropriate for the focus of these books.)

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