Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Bud

"You know.... Bud might be a good fit for you...." the adoption specialist started out. On a whim, my wife, son, and I found ourselves at the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee. Looking in through the door was a shepherd/hound mix as though he was patiently waiting for us. In some ways, I think his mind was made up before ours. He just LOOKED so expectant. We had passed his room twice before looking at other dogs that were either too big, too young, too wild... We knew what we were looking for. A dog that was good for our family. A dog that would grow to love us, and us him. So he sat at the door as we slowly walked in together with the adoption counselor. He was excited as we said hi, and he rolled over and I petted his belly for the first time. We bonded instantly.

He's been an excellent, loving and low maintenance dog. He's near spastic with excitement when we get home. He follows us everywhere! We walk in the evenings after my son goes to bed and I think its cathartic for us both. He loves to sniff for rabbits and squirrels and I love to mellow after a long day. By the time we get back he's usually pooped, and curls on the floor by my feet as we watch the news or read. When my wife and I go to bed, he has the habit of lying on the floor next to me, and I slowly pet him asleep while I read. It's been an adventure so far, but I know I have a new friend for life. He's my Bud!

Erik Mozolik
Milwaukee, WI

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